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How to disable spell check for only one document or paragraph in Libre Office

So I was making this list of suppliers, and contact people. And as you all know, every time you type something in any word processor, if some of the names or technical terms that you are typing are not that common the spell check will automatically underline them in red… No matter if it’s¬†Microsoft Office, Open Office or any other word writing app.

But you also don’t want to disable spell check all together, because you will be typing other documents. If you are like me and find those red underlines annoying this is a serious problem ūüôā

As I am using Ubuntu, I am writing in Libre Office.  So by just playing around I noticed that this can be very easily done. You can disable spell check for the whole document, for only a paragraph, or only a selection of text.

Here’s how it can be done:

  • Select the area of text or paragraph that you want to disable autocorrect for
  • Go to Tools > Language
  • Here you can select “For selection”, “For paragraph” or “For all text”. Select the one that you want.
  • Then select “None¬†(Do not check spelling)
  • And you’re done

Now¬† when you save the file and want to open it to read it later, you won’t have those¬†annoying red¬†lines under the text.